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Knowledge without practice is useless.


Welcome to the T&F #SkillStories


Each of the #SkillStories below contains a free mini-exercise you can work through on your own. This is a great way to reconnect with your skills and start developing your communication muscles! To be notified when new #SkillStories are published, follow us on Instagram!

Whats Your Style

What's Your Style?

You may have a strong sense of which communication style best describes you, but also recognize that you occasionally exhibit behaviors from all them. To get a better idea of where you need to focus your improvement efforts...

Take the Mini Workshop

Old Phones

Communication skills need an update?

When was the last time you evaluated your communications skills? 73% of employers want candidates with strong communication skills. Unfortunately, more than 60% of those employers report that applicants do not demonstrate sufficient interpersonal and communication skills...

Improve Your Skills Now

Shouting Microphone
Agree or Disagree

Good listeners don't interrupt...

Practice Listening Here

Is this what your listening looks like?

Are you journaling?

Journaling is the number one tool all great communicators use. Why? 


Writing out your thoughts not only helps you better understand your own feelings, it also provides clarity and will help you...

Articulate Yourself Better

Coffee and Journal

How do you measure your communication success?

Think carefully about how you measure your communication success - just because people do not agree with you does not mean that the communication failed...

Learn to Gauge Better Here

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Looking for something more?

If you're looking for personal development options to truly grow your communication skills, start with our 5 day Communication Challenge!

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